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Spring 2024 MMG Externs

MMG is thrilled to embark on our fourth year of our externship program through partnerships with area law schools. Our externship program provides law students with a hands on opportunity to learn about New York litigation. Jonathan Rose (NYLS, JD) and, Eloize Dayanghirang (Fordham, LLM) Clesy Mendoca (Fordham, LLM) are learning the ins and outs of civil litigation through our program that covers litigation from inception through case conclusion. Overseen by Managing Partner, Aoife Reid, our Spring 2024 externs are gaining invaluable knowledge and experience that will impact their effectiveness as lawyers in the future. MMG is proud to continue our relationships with area law schools to provide this professional opportunity to future legal professionals!

Meet our Spring 2024 externs:

Jonathan Rosen

Eloize Dayanghirang

Clesy Mendoca

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