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3/6/24- Insight From Virtual Mock Trial

MMG is always committed to getting the best possible results for our clients, particularly as it relates to taking any and all efforts to limit unnecessary exposure to their policies in potentially high-value cases.  In one such recent case, we collaborated with MAGNA Legal Services in conducting what turned out to be a highly illuminating virtual mock trial exercise.  MAGNA recruited jurors from the subject venue and split them into three panels. Associate Daniel Reiser gave a presentation on behalf of the plaintiff, after which Owner/Partner Anthony Martine presented the defense.  Afterwards, the jurors deliberated and delivered their verdicts.  Most notably, MAGNA’s platform allowed us to listen in on the deliberation process so that we could get an understanding of the reasoning behind the verdicts.  The exercise turned out to be invaluable insofar as it gave us a highly accurate verdict range should the matter have proceeded to trial.  Shortly thereafter, the case settled for nearly half a million dollars less than what plaintiff’s counsel insisted was his bottom-line number.  Watching a deliberation in real time was nothing short of fascinating, and MMG is excited to engage in similar exercises in the future given the resounding success of this most recent one.

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