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2/25/2020- Associate Mikhail Pinkusovich Obtains Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit

Representing defendant Cheickna Tounkara in Zaire Ashe Lamaar Arruz v. Malik Noor Mohammad, Mohosin Hossain, and Cheickna Tounkara, in Kings County Supreme Court, Mikhail Pinkusovich secured a defense verdict from the jury for his client following a three day trial.

The plaintiff alleged that he was injured in a motor vehicle accident while a passenger in a vehicle operated by Defendant Tounkara. Defendant Hossain struck Tounkara's vehicle when Hossain attempted suddenly and without warning to pull out of the parking lane on Fulton Street in Brooklyn. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff underwent a right knee orthopedic surgery and allegedly sustained a left ankle fractur

Throughout the liability portion of the trial, Plaintiff’s counsel maintained that both Defendant operators were equally at fault for the accident. Nevertheless, Pinkusovich was able to successfully show that this accident would not have happened if it were not for Mr. Hossain’s sudden and unanticipated departure from a parking lane. Testimony from Mr. Tounkara showed that he was confronted with a sudden situation when Mr. Hossain dangerously pulled out from the parking spot and failed to engage his blinker.

The jury found that Pinkusovich’s client Tounkara’s actions were not negligent, resulting in 100% of fault being attributed to Hossain.

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