MMG has extensive experience in handling all aspects of litigation arising from the use and ownership of residential, retail, and commercial spaces. Our clients range from owners of single-family dwellings and small businesses, to nationally recognized chains and large-scale commercial landlords.


Over the years, we have litigated nearly every conceivable type of premises case, including claims related to fire and water damage; weather- and defect-related slip/trip and fall accidents; elevators, escalators, and other egress; improper lighting and insufficient warning signs; improper maintenance and supervision; security failures, assaults, and the negligent acts of third parties; the assumption of risk by invitees and trespassers; and the sufficiency of notice.


Moreover, our team has extensive expertise in untangling the often complex relationships that can have determinative bearing on the outcome of property cases, such as lease/contractual provisions and the statutory obligations of various parties and non-party entities. We aggressively pursue indemnification and impleader of necessary parties where appropriate.