At MMG, our team of attorneys is unrivalled when it comes to litigation involving construction accidents and defects at residential, retail, commercial, and industrial projects. Our leading expertise encompasses complex, high-exposure cases of catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death, and extends to the aftermath of construction accidents, such as claims involving professional negligence. We have decades of experience in defending building owners, property managers, developers, contractors, design professionals, and materials suppliers who have been sued under local, state, and federal laws.


We continuously evaluate coverage options prior to and throughout the litigation process, aggressively pursuing the tendering of defenses to co-defendants and third parties, as well as pursuing opportunities for pass-throughs as soon as possible. We regularly engage in alternative dispute resolution to pursue cost-effective resolution when appropriate. However, when necessary, we rigorously defend matters through courthouse litigation, and have attained a spectacular record of success through motions, trials, and appellate practice. This firm has and continues to enjoy success in defending claims arising out of New York Labor Law Sections 200, 240 (1) and 241(6).