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Anna Marie Bifulco

Billing & Collections Manager

Office:   Main Office
Phone:   (212) 747-1230 Ext. 136

Anna Marie Bifulco joined McMahon, Martine & Gallagher, LLP as the Billing  an Collections Manager in 2020. She leads the billing and collections department team members to implement and maintain invoicing and budgeting requirements in line with client expectations. She ensures her teams' accuracy, resolving inconsistencies as needed. Anna provides training to new employees on compliance with client guidelines from a billing perspective. She also provides customer support to clients with inquiries or concerns related to invoices, collections or the billing process. 

Anna's attention to detail and pleasant customer service are her key attributes when it comes to positively interacting with MMG's clients. A great communicator, Anna makes sure that everyone is on the same page.  Anna has over 20 years of legal billing experience with a 95% compliance rate. Prior to working at MMG, Anna obtained invaluable experience at various other defense firms. 

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. Joseph's College in 1980, and her Master of Arts in American History from St. John's University in 1986.


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